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kettlebells & confidence
 personal fitness training by Lilia Slimi


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L I L I A  S L I M I
  T R A I N  W I T H  A N  E X P E R T 

you are designed to move

build muscles to love yourself better and become more resilient.

           the offer

available in german or english

1:1 personal training based on a program build on your every-day-life.

your program will include:

any injuries or body issues you may have

your current level of fitness

free access to training equipment at a boutique gym in Prenzlauer Berg

access to your personal trainer via phone call, WhatsApp or Instagram DM

the offer
the method

the program

Barbell mit Gewichten


your training will include kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and workouts with your own bodyweight. 


high-intense-intervall-training and endurance-based workouts will be part of your journey.

Training mit Seilen
Zutaten kochen


get a nutrition plan based on your goals and everyday-life.

you will raise awareness of the food you put into your body.


 sleep plays a big role when it comes to training and nutrition.

let`s optimize your sleep hygiene:

 follow little habits, be consistent with them and start earning back life-quality.

Weißes Bettzeug
the packages


Let`s meet for a free personal consultation

one session
50 min



2 x per week
50 min per session


3 x per week
50 min per session



             THE TRAINER

about the trainer
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Lilia Slimi

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B.A. economy and fitness

certified fitness and nutrition trainer

certified trainer for sport-rehabilitation

strength and condition specialist

current collaboration with

->Ignite house GmbH

->AYM fit 

my story

I`ve started with fitness when I volunteered at military for 12 months. Nobody told me about that, but I`ve noticed I had to get physically stronger for keeping up with my male comrads. Soon I`ve seen progress - not only how I looked but also how I felt. Something started to shift, with the gains grew my mind! I fell in love with this process. After my military basic training I was pretty sure I want to study something with fitness and sports. Fitness Economic as a dual study was the perfect fit. I finished university in 2019, went on travels overseas and deepened my interests in weightlifting, plant-based nutrition and how exercising can affect our psyche. I came to Berlin in September 2021 out of a mood and decided to stop traveling and start following again my passion for movement. fitness and nutrition for me are essential for mental health and well-being. Sharing my knowledge and experiences from those areas is like the coolest job I could imagine. Best thing is to watch how people - especially women - raise into strong, confident, self-loving persons by consistent excersising and dieting. I saw it on myself and I saw it on others a hundred times. It`s magical and after 4 years working with people on their fitness goals I`m still blown away about the fact how weekly training is making a difference to your whole life and mind-set.

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